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Reading through old RPs…

Because I’m bored. No RPs to reply to or nothing. So just boredom!


{It wasn’t long before she closed the gap between herself and the catboy. The temptress leaned in, taking a bite of the chicken herself as it was raised to Shadow’s face. Once consumed, a tiny flicker of pink ran along Morrigan’s lips.}

"Among other things. Turning you red would be a bonus.”

Shadow gave a small jump, his face flushing slightly redder as he looked up into the succubus’ face.

"D-do I dare ask wh-what you mean e-exactly when you s-say ‘among other things’?" He was stuttering slightly, but otherwise his voice was strong, with a slightly defiant tone. He had been in the receiving end of Morrigan’s teasing once before, so he had an idea of what to expect.


"But that doesn’t mean I won’t have fun with you. ♥"

Shadow rolled his eyes, swallowing the mouthful of chicken and speaking before taking another bite.

"I’m sure your idea of ‘having fun’ with me would be teasing me and seeing how red I would go" he scoffed, but his cheeks had already turned a little pink from Morrigan’s mention of having fun with him.


"Never heard that one before. But was that an example or are you seriously asking me? ♥”

Shadow gave a soft laugh.

"I know better than to try and seriously hit on a lady who has no interest in me, no matter how attractive she is." He spoke, lifting a piece of fried chicken to his mouth afterwards and taking a bite out of it.



"…did it work?" Shadow gave a teasing, cheeky grin.

"Nah, I’m pretty sure it’d be impossible for me to tease you. Anything I can think of I’m sure you would have heard hundreds, if not thousands of times before."

"Possibly. But there are still some lines that some girls just cannae resist~"

"I think I’ve heard of one, let’s see if it works." He gave Morrigan a bucket of fried chicken, holding one himself. ‘We both have buckets of chicken, wanna do it?"

"Let me give it a go, then." He cleared his throat. "Ohhhhh Morrigan~ Oh Morrigan.... OH MORRIGAN~!"


"Are you trying to tease me, pussycat? ♥”

"…did it work?" Shadow gave a teasing, cheeky grin.

"Nah, I’m pretty sure it’d be impossible for me to tease you. Anything I can think of I’m sure you would have heard hundreds, if not thousands of times before."


"Shadow…" She breathes; she hadn’t expected to be eavesdropped on, but she knows he knows quite a bit about things. However, where his words normally provide a source of comfort they don’t this time, and she averts her gaze. "I’ve committed…lots of problems too." She pauses once more.

"…I can understand if I don’t, though." She answers back quietly, looking back towards him. "I know, though…that my existence started…differently than the others had come to be, so…"

"Everyone has caused some problems in their life. Some more than others, and some bigger than others. Things turned out ok in the end though, and you worked to put them right. Some people with hearts wouldn’t be so decent." He said, placing a hand on his hip as he spoke, smiling warmly.

"Indeed, your existence came around differently. All that means is that we don’t know what’s going to happen, so we may as well look on the bright side and hope you will get a heart of your own. Nothing will come of worrying over it not happening, and it would be a terrible injustice if you did not get a heart, considering all the good you have done. Forget the bad stuff for a while, that was not your fault. You were forced to do that, that is all on the Organization. Think about the good things you have done from choice. Do you really think that those were cold, logical decisions free from emotion? I wouldn’t be surprised if a heart is growing inside you right now."


"It seems to me…like a lot of them are becoming what they’ve always wanted…"

Whole. That was their mission, of course, before everything turned itself upside down. To be whole. And many of those she’d talked to…they’ve gotten their hearts, like they wanted.

"…I know that…becoming my own person, being whole…is not my fate…but…"

She pauses, lowering gaze to the ground, trying to quell a hope she knows will fall.

"…Maybe one day…it could be."

"Odder things have happened." The young neko spoke, stepping out if the shadows. "Sorry, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I’m sure you’ll be able to become whole someday. The Keyblade bearer managed to come back from being a heartless without a mind or a body, and no heartless comes from the Princesses of Heart when they lose their hearts. So I’m sure you’ll get a heart of your own someday, Naminé. It’d truly be a crime if you didn’t." He smiled softly at the blonde Nobody.